Like Tax & Super Australia, Tax Australia operates with a not-for-profit ethos: in servicing TSA members we seek merely to recover our costs and nothing more. 
While we draw on many decades of experience and expertise to provide high-quality tax advice, we believe that our fees are still significantly lower than those charged by for-profit advisers.

We understand…

That the fee Tax Australia charges is a key factor in determining whether you will seek our services.
That the fee must deliver value to your client and that you don’t want to be left out-of-pocket through the process. (Our expectation is that you will seek to fully recover, at least, our fee from your client.)



This is why our prices are fixed. By assessing the work involved for a particular assignment and quoting a fixed fee for that work upfront, we give you peace of mind around what the work will cost – without any ‘extras’ or nasty surprises down the track.


If the assignment does extend beyond its original scope, we’ll email you the details of the scope increase and an adjusted fee. The original scope of work will continue to completion but no work will proceed on the additional scope without your agreement.


The fees we charge for our services depend on the time, complexity and risk of each assignment. All fees include GST.

Standard Matter


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Highly Complex Matter


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Complex Matter


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Ongoing Matter

A mix of fixed fees and a rate per hour

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For further details on pricing please watch the video below or continue reading for an explanation of each of the five levels:

Standard matter

A standard matter is one on which written advice can be provided in under a day. Typically, although not necessarily, it will involve a single-issue matter on which the facts and tax outcome is clear. You may provide us with some documentation to consider, but this will not be extensive, and Tax Australia should be able to render its advice from the information provided without needing further information or clarification.

As with all advice provided by Tax Australia, this will be a fully configured piece of written advice that sets out the facts, discusses all relevant source materials and provides clear advice on what your client should do or not do.

Note: Reviews of tax returns you have prepared will often be classed as a ‘standard matter’, though this is subject to the complexity of your client’s affairs and the number of tax returns to be reviewed.

Complex matter

A complex matter will typically take two to three days of continuous work to complete the advice.

  • The facts are likely to be complex or there may be complex structures to consider.

  • There may be substantial documentation to consider and interpret.

  • Tax Australia will likely need to make requests for further information and conduct discussions to clarify the information.

  • The tax issues involved will call for in-depth research to arrive at the correct conclusions.

Note: Most due diligence reviews and requests for a binding private ruling from the ATO will be ‘complex matters’.

Highly complex matter

A highly complex matter will typically take about five days of continuous work to complete. This could be for a variety of reasons including the complexity of the facts, the need to consult other advisers, the complexity of the issues, the number of parties involved and so forth.

Note: Many briefs to counsel will fall within this category, because a brief to counsel needs to be comprehensive (to reduce the time counsel is required to consider the matter and to ensure your client is provided with accurate advice) and further work needs to be performed following the provision of advice by counsel.


The fees above do not include any meetings (whether online or face-to-face) that need to be held between Tax Australia and you, your client or other people involved in the matter as it progresses. As the need for meetings is unpredictable, these are charged as an additional fee at the rate of $250 per hour + GST. Initial meetings required to understand the assignment and assess its scope are included in the above fee quotations.

Ongoing matters

As any accountant or tax practitioner will appreciate, there are some client matters that take months, even years to resolve, and it is simply not realistic to quote a fixed fee for such cases upfront. If your client matter is an ongoing one, we will do our best to give you a fixed fee for segments of work as they arise.

For example, in an ATO audit there may be a need to respond to a position paper created by the ATO. A fixed fee can generally be given for that segment of work. For other parts of the assignment, a fixed fee cannot be given because there is no basis on which to determine the fee. In those situations, we will charge on a rate-per-hour basis.