While we draw on many decades of experience and expertise to provide high-quality tax advice, we believe that our fees are significantly lower than those charged by advisers.

We understand…

That the fee Tax Australia charges is a key factor in determining whether you will seek our services.

That the fee must deliver value to your client and that you don’t want to be left out-of-pocket through the process. (Our expectation is that you will seek to fully recover, at least, our fee from your client.)

Simple matter

A simple matter is one where you may be seeking confirmation of a position or needing an answer in writing on a single issue. You would provide us with any facts which should not generally need further clarification. We will render our advice in email form which can be used to support your client’s tax return/position.


Typical fee range: $400 - $1,000 (plus GST)

Standard matter

A standard matter will typically, although not necessarily, involve a single issue on which the facts and tax outcome can be readily determined. You may provide us with documentation to consider, but this will not be extensive and we should be able to render advice without needing further information or clarification. Whether the issue is a step up from a simple matter or you just need more robust support, we will provide a referenced piece of written advice that sets out the facts, discusses the application of the law and provides a summary of where your client stands and where applicable, what they should or should not do.


Typical fee range: $1,000 - $3,000 (plus GST)

Complex matter

A complex matter will potentially involve multiple facts or issues, or complex structures to consider. There may be substantial documentation to consider and interpret. We will likely need to make requests for further information and conduct discussions to clarify the information. The tax issues involved will call for in-depth research or relate to arrive at the correct advice.


Typical fee range: $3,000 - $8,000 (plus GST)

Highly complex matter

A highly complex matter will typically be similar to a complex matter as above, but involve multiple clients or parties to a transaction, require consultation with other advisers or relate to tax issues that remain unsettled at law.


Typical fee range: $8,000 + (plus GST)

Ongoing matters

As any accountant or tax practitioner will appreciate, there are some matters that take an extended time to resolve, and it is simply not realistic to quote a fixed fee for such cases upfront. If your client matter is an ongoing one, we will do our best to give you a fixed fee for segments of work as they arise or we may charge on a rate-per-hour basis.


While initial meetings required to understand the assignment and assess its scope are included in typical fee quotes, additional meetings that may be required to be held between us and you, your client or other people involved in the matter as it progresses are not. Where these are required we will generally charge on a rate-per-hour basis.


Current hourly rate: $300 (plus GST)

Lets get started

If you decide to proceed, please get in contact with via email or phone and we will send to you for your agreement:

  • An engagement letter setting out the general terms of the services that we will provide to you.

  • A specific scope-of-assignment email setting out the services we will provide on this particular assignment, and stating the price Tax Australia will invoice for the work.

Delivery of the service

As we deliver our service we will be in frequent touch with you, to keep you updated on next steps and who needs to do what to keep things progressing towards completion. Once we have delivered to you the ‘deliverable’ set out in our scope-of-assignment email, the assignment will be considered completed.

You are our client.

It’s entirely up to you to choose whether your client knows Tax Australia has been involved. Some assignments will be easier if we work with you and your client. However, we will never advise on or progress a matter directly with your client without your involvement. You, as a member of Tax & Super Australia, are our client and our services are provided to you. You retain the relationship with your client.