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How does it all work? 
Getting started  

You can contact Tax Australia via email at to request a quote from our partners at Coleman Greig for written advice or other advisory services.

You should include in your email general details about the issue to be addressed and the type of advice required. This only needs to be brief in the first instance and may include details such as:

•    An overview of the background facts or circumstances.
•    The general area of tax your enquiry is about.
•    Details of the specific issue encountered or the specific point you are stuck on.
•    Whether you need a fully referenced letter of advice, for example, or assistance of another kind.
•    Anything you particularly want included in or excluded from the scope of our advice.


Depending on the circumstances, we may respond to your initial request with a quote for the exact amount of the fees to provide the required advice, or we may first provide you with a quoted range that the exact fees are likely to fall within.

If Coleman Greig needs further details to provide you with a quote for the exact amount of our fees, or to complete the requested advice, they will let you know what additional information they require.

We also welcome you to contact us via phone on (03) 8851 4511 to confirm the initial details required to provide a quote or to otherwise discuss the process for engaging the services of Tax Australia.

What’s Next?

When we provide you with a quote for the exact amount of our fees it will include the specific scope of the services to be provided by Coleman Greig on behalf of Tax Australia. This can be altered by mutual agreement prior to proceeding if necessary.

If you decide to proceed, you can let us know that you accept our quote via email or phone.

If it is the first time you have engaged Tax Australia, a letter of engagement setting out the general terms under which services are provided for your consideration. Once signed by you the letter of engagement will also cover any future services which Tax Australia provide.

Regardless of whether you have previously used our services, an agreed scope and exact quote for each specific matter will always be prepared and accepted by you prior to Tax Australia commencing any advice. 

Delivery of the service

We will give you an estimated timeframe for providing our advice when you accept our quote, and we will keep you updated as required throughout the process. 

Once we have issued our finalised advice to you, or otherwise delivered the relevant services, the engagement will be considered complete and an invoice will generally be issued to you at this point. However, for more complex or ongoing matters, we may issue interim invoices throughout the engagement.

You are our client.

You can choose whether your client knows Tax Australia has been involved with the matter. However, if you provide us with client specific information or documents during the engagement, you will need to ensure that you have procedures in place which allow you to share this information with us without breaching the Confidentiality principle of the Tax Practitioners Board Code of Professional Conduct. 

Some assignments will be easier if we work with you and your client. However, we will never advise on or progress a matter directly with your client without your involvement. You, as a member of the Institute of Financial Professionals Australia, are our client and our services are provided to you. You retain the relationship with your client.

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