An exclusive service for Tax & Super Australia members

All of Tax Australia’s services will be provided to members of Tax & Super Australia only. This means Tax Australia will only ever have a relationship with the TSA member, not with his/her end clients, and we cannot be appointed as an end client’s tax agent.
In other words, we never compete with our members for a client’s business – our sole purpose is to support TSA members only, by helping them work through any difficult technical issues that their clients may present.

Written advice

Tax Australia provides fully configured and researched written advice, detailing the facts of the matter as well as a full discussion of the relevant legislation, ATO rulings, source materials and so forth. All statements about how the tax or superannuation laws operate will be referenced so that you can review our advice and understand how we came to our conclusions.

The advice will advise: that is, Tax Australia will take a position on what your client should do or not do, and we will make that clear in the summary of advice at the start of the letter.

ATO private ruling requests

Tax Australia also helps members to prepare requests for binding private rulings from the ATO. There is an ‘art’ to writing such requests – sometimes adverse outcomes result from a ruling request being written in a way that was not helpful to the taxpayer making the request.

The ruling request will be lodged by you, as the tax agent for the member’s client – Tax Australia will provide the words but the ATO will not be aware of our involvement unless you choose to disclose this.

ATO audits, negotiations and objections

Tax Australia can prepare objections to assessments for members’ clients. We are uniquely placed to help member’s clients when the client is under investigation by the ATO, and can provide a full service that includes managing an ATO audit, liaising with ATO officers, preparing position papers and negotiating outcomes.

Briefs to Counsel

Sometimes, highly technical or high value transactions require an opinion from a tax counsel (a barrister who specialises in taxation law and can give a more informed view of how successful various arguments can be in court). Tax barristers are generally expensive, so to reduce the cost for your client you can engage us to provide the barrister with a fully researched brief containing all the facts and relevant documents in an easily understandable and professionally compiled format. We can also attend conferences with Counsel and provide clear explanations of the advice provided by Counsel, free of legal jargon.

Review of tax returns

Tax Australia also provides a tax return review service, whether for a single year (including prior to lodgment) or multiple years. This provides peace of mind, especially in the case of important and/or long-time clients who you just want to make sure are receiving the best possible service.

Review of your advice

You may not need Tax Australia to write a letter of advice to your client on your behalf, but you can still have us review the advice to reduce your risk and to optimize it, ensuring it is as professional as possible.

Due diligence

Conducting due diligence is essential if you have a client who is considering purchasing an entity that is running a business. This service can also be useful if one of your clients is considering selling their entity, to pick up any issues that should be corrected before the entity is put up for sale. Finally, due diligence is appropriate where there is a partial or full employee buy-out of a client’s entity.

For more detail on these services please watch the video: