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Tax Australia provides written advice and a range of other tax advisory services exclusively to members of the Institute of Financial Professionals Australia.

If you are a member of the institute, our new services are designed to reduce your risk, make your life easier, develop your expertise, and enhance the services you provide to your clients.

How Tax Australia can help 

Helping members of the institute ensure their clients continue to receive the best advice in such circumstances, whilst also protecting themselves from the risk of providing advice outside their areas of expertise, is exactly why Tax Australia was created.
We can provide advice on most areas within Australian Commonwealth tax legislation in a number of different ways tailored to the specific assistance you need to deliver quality advice to your client including:
  • A fully referenced letter of advice comprehensively addressing your client’s circumstances.
  • Written advice provided by email confirming a specific tax outcome for your client.
  • A review of a position you have formed or advice you have prepared.
  • Assistance with preparing a submission to the ATO on behalf of your client such as a private ruling request, objection, or audit position paper response.

Here’s the scenario…

One of your clients notifies you of a major upcoming transaction or other tax related issue outside the scope of their ordinary tax affairs. As they provide you with further details, it becomes apparent that some aspects of the advice your client needs are not within your areas of expertise or require the consideration of technical issues not regularly encountered by you in your everyday practice… So what do you do?
  • Have I given the correct advice?
  • Are my client and I going to get taken advantage of because of my lack of skill in this area?
  • If something goes wrong and I’m investigated by the ATO or Tax Practitioners Board, will I be disciplined for advising on something that was beyond my skills?
  • Will I be sued for negligence?


The Code of Professional Conduct, which applies to all tax agents registered with the Tax Practitioners Board, requires that you only provide advice or services which you have adequate qualifications, knowledge and skills to competently provide. If you do not have sufficient knowledge and skills in a particular area, you must either obtain expert advice or assistance, gain the necessary skills and knowledge, or decline to provide the relevant advice or services. Breaching the Code of Professional Conduct can result in disciplinary action by the Tax Practitioners Board, who may impose sanctions which can include the suspension or termination of your tax agent registration.

We do not want Institute of Financial Professionals Australia members to face the potentially very serious repercussions of ‘going it alone’ in providing advice on complex tax and superannuation matters.
This is why Tax Australia has been created – to step in and help you so that you are protected and your client gets the best advice.

"In my line of work, encountering complex and unfamiliar tax issues is inevitable. This is where Tax Australia has proven to be an invaluable asset. Their service is nothing short of excellent, providing me with the assurance or second opinion I require when matters are outside my usual purview.

The expertise of Tax Australia is not just confined to routine tax matters; they excel in offering trusted and practical advice on intricate and challenging issues. This has significantly alleviated the pressure on me when it comes to addressing those out of the ordinary issues, allowing me to focus on the efficient running of my own busy practice.

What sets Tax Australia apart is the calibre of their team. Their tax specialists are not merely proficient; they are accommodating and knowledgeable. Their willingness to go the extra mile has made my experience with Tax Australia truly satisfying.

I wholeheartedly endorse Tax Australia for their service and expertise and I look forward to our continued partnership."


– Julie Hall, Director, Jach & Associates

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