Getting started

If you’re interested in using our services, simply contact John Jeffreys for a no-charge, no-obligation preliminary discussion about the client issue you are dealing with.


You can call John Jefferys on (03) 8851 4510 or email him at

What happens next?

If you decide to proceed, Tax Australia will send to you for your agreement:

  • An engagement letter setting out the general terms of the services that we will provide to you.

  • A specific scope-of-assignment email setting out the services we will provide on this particular assignment, and stating the price Tax Australia will invoice for the work.

Delivery of the service

As we deliver our service we will be in frequent touch with you, to keep you updated on next steps and who needs to do what to keep things progressing towards completion. Once we have delivered to you the ‘deliverable’ set out in our scope-of-assignment email, the assignment will be considered completed.

You are our client.

It’s entirely up to you to choose whether your client knows Tax Australia has been involved. Some assignments will be easier if we work with you and your client. However, we will never advise on or progress a matter directly with your client without your involvement. You, as a member of Tax & Super Australia, are our client and our services are provided to you. You retain the relationship with your client.

For further details on the above, including invoicing and payment, please watch the below video: