Tax Australia provides advice on most areas of the Australian federal tax legislation.

Our tax specialisations include:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Small business CGT concessions
  • Restructures
  • Deceased estates
  • Trust and beneficiary taxation
  • Personal Services Income
  • Small business tax concessions
  • Private companies, including Division 7A
  • GST property issues
  • Employee share schemes

We do not provide detailed advice on:

  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Whether activities qualify for the research and development concession
  • Life insurance companies
  • Taxation of financial arrangements
  • Australian managed investment trusts
  • Mining companies
  • MEC Groups
  • Foreign hybrids
  • Hybrid mismatch rules

Other do's and don'ts

  • With regard to state taxation imposts, we advise on payroll tax but do not advise on land tax and stamp duty.
  • There may be times when Tax Australia considers it prudent to refer a matter to another tax advisor if we consider the issue very complex, too uncertain or involves significant amounts of money.
  • Tax Australia will not be involved with the promotion of tax schemes and will not provide advice on the effectiveness of such schemes for Australian tax purposes.
  • Tax Australia does not give advice on the tax systems of countries outside Australia.

For more detail on these services please watch the video: